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2021년 1월 24일
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작성자 James Park 작성일18-01-25 22:49 조회11,154회 댓글0건


10Professional Staff Committee                   15 minutes  

December 8th 2017   


I am honored I could speak to you today.  


I don't have an academic background in this subjects. I am a concerned citizen looking for better future. I participate rather often Cuban events. I always envied their English language of the speakers. Please accept the barrier.

The Korean war broke in June,1950 when I was 5 years old. I was one of 6 children my single mother was taking care of.

One month after the war broke, on a hot  summer day of July, 1950, US airplane started air stripes over my town in the middle of South Korea. Low flying jet airplanes waive generated ear breaking noise, thunder storm lightening, fires balls flying all around. Bomb blasted all over. Screaming for help in the thick smoke.  

My mother was busy putting down fire by spreading bucket water over.  When she felt the monster airplanes were gone, she found her 3 kids laid down in bloody floor with no motion. They were hit by air strip. My sister was 2 years old and elder one was 8.

No medicine neither hospital was available in the mist of war. My mother put smashed pumpkin over the scars for 1st aid. Pumpkins and grape vines were growing at the corner of the house.

Since the air stripe whenever I hear airplane approaching, I hid under bl,anket or jump into a big jar. Korean houses kept big jars for water or grain storage purpose at the old days. So we survived the hard years. Much later, my elder sister died of lead poison, I guess because machine gun bullet was never removed from her thigh.

I was drafted in 1967. I was lucky I could avoid dispatching to Vietnam. On February, 1968, I was on the way home in bus for short leave. Military Police stopped the bus and took military personals out of bus and return them back to their unit with no explanation. I realized later US ship Pueblo captured by North Korea. All soldiers in camp were get ready to retaliate North Korea barbarism. We slept with combat boots on.

Many years later, I became to know the Pueblo infiltrated North Korean water at night for spy mission disguising as civilian vessel. The Pueblo navy vessel is displayed at War Victory Memorial Museum in Pyongyang.


Military Base:

They say more than 100 military bases are in South Korea. I guess no one knows exactly how many US bases in South Korea. The biggest and maybe the most luxury as well US overseas base built  in South Korea. They confronted farmers and activists desperate protests for years. Armored police forces and even tear gas spreading helicopters were mobilized to confiscate the land from farmers.  Farmers lost their generations long peaceful rice field to US. 98% of construction cost paid by South Korean government. The cost was 10 billion dollar. This is Camp Humphrey at PyongTaek.

Another large base is sitting in the middle of South Korean capital. Yongsan military base. US took it from surrendering Japanese imperialist. This is very symbolic occurrence describing  South Korean modern history. Ownership changed from Japan to USA.

Some of you may remember Kangjung naval base. South Korea insisted it is for South Korean naval base to defend North Korea. South Korean government denied many dubious construction designs from the beginning. Its breakwater construction destroyed one of the most beautiful coral reef in the country and several endangered species.

Now we know it is for US naval facility aiming at rather China. South Korea doesn't need it for North Korean naval attack.                                                      


THAAD anti missile system:

The THAAD is hot issue for past 2 years in South Korea. Still

THAAD stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system. US developed this system to destroy incoming enemy missiles at the terminal stage of missile trajectory.

It became sensitive issue because it's radar system including China and Russia.

US moved THAAD equipment last September to South Korea to protect South Korea from North Korean missile attacks.

South Korean defense minister said in the parliament it is not planning US THAAD installation in Korea. Peaceful Candlight protests gained a momentum in downtown Seoul last year. People demanded impeachment for president Park. While her job suspended and impeachment decided at South Korean court.

Deputy prime minister at overnight approved for THAAD to install in a private golf course at Sungjoo village. It violates South Korean environmental law. President candidate Moon Jaein kept saying THAAD installation is against law during his candidacy. In addition he emphasized he will visit North Korea first before president Trump. Koreans had big hope for another spring coming once Moon be elected overcoming American distort.

However once he elected, he met president Trump and approved THAAD installation. In addition, he signed multibillion dollar military equipment purchase agreement with US.

China retaliated economically. They stopped Chinese tour business to South Korea. Chinese citizens boycotting Hyundai automobiles and others.

US and South Korean government exaggerated the effectiveness of THAAD as well.

There are 3 stages of missile trajectory. Boosting, Middle and Terminal stages.  As the word saying, this system is planning to shoot incoming enemy missile at the terminal stage. US can destroy North Korean missile over Alaska by theory.  Seoul and Pyongyang is too close each other. it is only 121 miles away. South Korean capital Seoul can't be protected by THAAD system.

Sungju people still protesting every week front of the THAAD battery.

US insists its radar system will not hurt Chinese interest. It is very dubious because the radar is capable to reach China and Russia far beyond North Korean territory.

China warned besides economic retaliation, a first strike option to Sungju radar facility may be considered  if necessary.

THAAD contributed to make worse to the worst in already dangerous military confrontation in the region.  South Korea brought fire balls into their living room.

South Korea added one more THAAD base in South Korea this year. 



싸드는 4가지 단계 중에서 마지막 단계에 150-200킬로미터 상공에서 요격 미사일로 파괴시키는 것이다.  북에서 발사한 미사일을 알라스카 상공에서 요격하는 체제이다. 그런데 서울과 평양 사이는195킬로미터 121마일 밖에 안된다. 미사일이 

싸드 발사대 3개를 단위로 해서 배치한다. 발사대에 8 미사일을 있어서 모두 24 탄두를 요격할 있다.  그런데 북의 미사일은 디코이를 여러개씩 달고 나온다. 10개를 맞추어야한다. 그러면 북에서 2 쏘면 싸드는 소진된다. 일본에 있는 것과 미국 군함에 있는 것을 쏴도 북의 미사일 10여발 밖에 대응할 없다.  거기에 들어가는 비용은 얼마인가. 손해보는 장사하고 있다. 리간이 소련이 국방력에 돈을 소진하도록 유도했다는 얘기 들었다. 이제 미국 국방부 소진해도 북의 미사일을 못잡는다는 논리가 성립된다. 

"12 2일에 '6차 소성리 범국민평화 행동'이 열리는데 그곳에 많은 분들이 와주셨으면 좋겠고요. 오셔서 아직 우리의 의지가 꺾이지 않았다는 걸 함께 외쳐주시고 마을 사람들에게 이렇게 많은 사람들이 연대하고 있다는 걸 느끼게 해주셨으면 좋겠어요. 겨울에는 모든 생물들이 안으로 들어가는 시기잖아요. 저희도 인원은 많이 줄었지만 따뜻한 봄이 올 때까지 힘을 키울 수 있는 시간이라고 생각을 해요. 큰 계획이 더 있다기보다는, 봄이 올 때까지 얼어 죽지 않고 잘 버티는 것, 그게 우리의 목표입니다.

 KOREAN DIVISION-Two Korea One Future

I want to talk about Korean Division if time permit.

After nuclear bomb dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 1945. Russia declared war against Japan.  Japan surrendered to Alliance Forces.

Russia shares border with Korea. Russian army can move to Korea in a matter of hours. In the meantime Us Army closest to Korea was in Okinawa at the time. It will take a month to arrive in Korea. US worried Russia can occupy all Korean peninsula before US army's arrival.  They worried to lose Korean peninsula to Russia.

August 10, 1945, Deputy Secretary Ethison, offered Korea division by half and half along 38th parallel and Russia surprisingly accepted the offer. This is the origin of Korea division lasting for 72 years long against Korean people's wish. US is accountable for the division with lion's share after Russia's responsibility.

Millions of families separated and lived with broken heart. Father in South Korea can't meet brother and sisters in North Korea. Mother in North Korea wants to hug son or daughter in South Korea. Forced separation is very inhumane. It is crime. It is human being's emotion to see son daughter brother mother or father before dying.

Family Separation by any power is one of the serious crime.





This is current Korean situation. We Korean American will do the best to improve and reunite Korea eventually.      


We urge the U.S. government is responsible for the division and now resolve tensions and conflicts on the Korean peninsula by diplomacy and dialogue with North Korea. We demand PEACE TREATY now with North Korea.


I need your support and solidarity form all of you peace loving people.


Thank you



Two Koreas-One Future

North Korea developed self sufficient economic system after Korean war. Rather sanctions forced North Korea to do so from that time on.

Self sufficiency in food and energy but also in every field of society, it became the highest value there. Not only national level but local government down to small town, self sufficient system became part of life.

Small town built hydraulic power plant for own use. Many newly sprang orchards generate own electricity from near river dam. Fertilizer factory operating own pig pen and goat house for own supply. Even many colleges and silk factories also adopted self sufficient in food and energy to survive with no central government assistance.   

All over North Korea is going under development of one or another.

North Korea is pushing Science First policy. I would say almost all factories, schools, construction sites open Science and Technology Room connected to internet. The rooms are equipped with most late computer system.

Self flowing irrigation systems have been built along the countries rice fields. They are not using much of electricity or gasoline to pump water. Water flow down to rice field originating from high mountain. They started from 1999. Still going under way.

83 % of land are covered in mountain. It means there are plenty water source. North Korea build literarily day and night hydraulic power plant all over. It is really difficult job. There are fuel scarcity. Human power replaced machine. When they plan a construction, they organize special dash team always.         



Still Korea is under cease fire with no permanent peace treaty since the devastating war ended in 64 years ago. War rekindled any minute.

https://youtu.be/AdM8cyWYXoY   Apr 27, 2017  Would THAAD Protect South Korea?  가장  좋다


https://youtu.be/wPZeXJPJmUA  May 13, 2017 Ted Postol on  THAAD in South Korea  필독할


남한에 미국 군사기지가 백군데를 넘는다고 한다. 미국 기지는 미국의 치외법권이 미친다. 한국땅이지만 한국의 법이 효력이 없고 미국 법으로 다스리는 미국영토인 것이다.  서울시 가운데 있는 용산기지가 바로 미국열토인 것이다. 한국의 치욕이고 자주국이 아니라는 상징적인 사실이다.

한국에 미군이 28천명이 있다고 한다. 누구는 35천이 있다고 한다. 맞는 말일 것이다  이락이나 아프가니스탄으로 보내고 나면 어느 날은 28천이었고 떠나기 날은 35천명이었을 것인데 남한 주권이 미치지 못하니 인원 파악이 불가능한 것이다 신고도 필요없는 치욕의 땅이다. 그러니 몇명이 있는지 수가 없고 대충 짐작하는 숫자이다. 미국방부가 안다.


남한 평택 미군기지가 있다. Camp Humphrey인데 3,600정보의 수백넌 대대로 내려오며 농사를 짖던 땅을 빼앗아서 수천명의 삼엄한 경찰과 군인 동원해서 미군 시설을 만들었는데 10billion 98% 남한이 댔다고 한다. 이명박근혜 정권이 연속적으로 밀어부쳤다.

한국 남쪽 아열대 기후인 제주도가 있다. 1947 1948 대한민국 정권이 들어서기 전에 미군정 치하에서 미군들에 의해 수많은 주민이 폭도로 몰려서 이유도 모르고 죽어간  그러나 자연은 아주 아름다운 섬이 있다. 크기는   여기에 대단위 미군 군함을 위한 군항이 건설되어서 자연보호가들과 주민의 심한 반대가 있었지만 결구 아름다움과 저연이 파괴되고 군항이 건설되었다. 


북은 현지도자의 할아버지가 1920년도 중반부터 일본제국주의 타도를 외치고 수백년 전부터 조선인이 개척했던 역사가 많이 남아있고 조선인의 영향력이 강한 중국동북3성에서 펼쳤던 치열한 항일 무장투쟁의 연장선에서 수립된 나라이다. 1945 러시아에서 부터 돌아온 항일 무장투쟁세력과 1949 중화인민공화국의 수립을 완수하고  역할을 조선인 항일무장세력 수만명이 북으로 돌아와서 새조국 건설에 신명나게 몸을 바치고 있었다. 이들의 정치 신념은 자연스럽게 소련으로부터 들어온 공산주의 혹은 사회주의 이념이었다.

그러나 남쪽은 미군정이 친일 협력자들을 고스란히 받아서 이들의 역사 과오청산은 고사하고 오히려 우대해서 만든 나라가 대한민국이다. 친일협력자는 누구인가?  일본제국주의 매국자본주의 신봉자들이 안닌가?




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