Youth Party urges arrest of Hwang Kyo An
Any south Korean can recall that the figure "503" is the inmate number of Park Geun Hye. So was launched "Investigation Unit 504" for arrest of Hwang Kyo An. (Photo Jaju Sibo)

According to the south Korean online newspaper Jaju Sibo, the Youth Party in south Korea held a press conference near Chongwadae on December 5.

At the conference members of the party said that they were to form an organization to disclose and denounce the crimes committed by Hwang Kyo An and arrest him directly.

They said in a press release that Hwang Kyo An who should be put behind bars for the "state affairs" scandal went impudent as to crop his hair short and fast to cover up his crimes, making a mockery of the people and disturbing the passage of a law on the safety of children in the "National Assembly".

(KCNA - December 10, 2019)