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2024년 7월 12일
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Are Abe's eyes covered with bean pods?

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Are Abe's eyes covered with bean pods?

Abe may see what a real ballistic missile is in the not distant future and under his nose.

By DPRK FM DJA Vice Director General

A vice director general of the Department of Japanese Affairs of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea released the following statement on Saturday:

He who is born a fool is never cured.

The saying fits perfectly to Japanese Prime Minister Abe whose ignorance and stupidity were fully brought to light when he claimed the recent volley test-fire of the super-large multiple launch rocket system conducted by the DPRK is ballistic missile launch.

Early in November Abe termed the test-fire of the super-large multiple launch rocket system conducted by the DPRK a ballistic missile launch at the ASEAN summit only to be denounced as an underwit who fails to distinguish a missile launch from multiple launch rocket system, and a rare-to-be-seen deformed child. He stills makes an ass of himself.

On November 28 when the volley test-fire of the super-large multiple launch rocket system of the DPRK was conducted successfully amid great satisfaction, Abe convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Council and claimed that it was a ballistic missile launch and grave challenge to the international community with no reason.

Echoing Abe's claim, the chief cabinet secretary, the minister of defence, the foreign minister and other subordinates and media of Japan term the test-fire a "ballistic missile launch".

This time the DPRK made a photo-illustrated report about the recent test-fire with a view to helping such fools as Abe see the projectiles with their eyes wide open.

(2) Kim Jong Un inspects test-fire of super-large MLRS

It can be said that Abe is the only one idiot in the world and the most stupid man ever known in history as he fails to distinguish a missile from multiple launch rocket system while seeing the photo-accompanied report which even civilians who have no knowledge of the "military affairs", to say nothing of soldiers, can know with a single glance.

The whole world is unanimous in saying that the DPRK's recent test-fire is one of multiple launch rocket system, but Abe claims that multiple launch rocket system is missile launch to be ridiculed by the world people.

The wretched sight of Abe makes us regard him as a dog seized with fear or a puppy fawning upon the master like the U.S.

He seems to think that the U.S. will welcome his remarks about "threat from the north" at the juncture when the DPRK-U.S. negotiations are at a stalemate. The political dwarf's thought is very poor.

It is quite natural that Abe is ridiculed as a puppy affected by mange as he fails to tell one thing from another and has plenty of cheek to turn black into white, being excluded from international politics.

The DPRK considers it best not to deal with Abe as dealing with the most stupid person ever known in history and political dwarf out of favor brings disgrace to it. This thought of ours is hardening day by day.

Worse still, it is the height of absurdity that Japan closest to the DPRK with the East Sea of Korea in between claimed that the multiple launch rocket system distinguished across the ocean is ballistic missile launch. It is uglier that Japan is making a fuss about "a serious challenge to not only Japan but also the international community", "threat from the north" and "protest" over the shell which did not drop in the waters off Japan.

No one beat Abe, but evidently he is a thoughtless fool as he insists that he was beaten.

There is a Korean saying that a fool makes a rod for himself.

Abe may see what a real ballistic missile is in the not distant future and under his nose.

Abe would be well-advised to distinguish multiple launch rocket from a ballistic missile.

Abe is none other than a perfect imbecile and a political dwarf without parallel in the world.

Pyongyang estimates such thing as Abe so much.

(KCNA - November 30, 2019)
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