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2022년 12월 2일
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Japan's Sexual Slavery Forced in Organized Way: News Analysis

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 Pyongyang, March 18 (KCNA) -- The U.S. forces' documents showing the facts of the sexual slavery forced by the Imperial Japanese Army were declassified and opened to public some days ago.

 According to the documents, which carry testimonies of a Japanese soldier who was taken a POW in Myanmar in April 1945, Japan set up comfort stations in the army units for sexual slavery. They also quoted a Chinese woman nurse as saying that a medical officer of the Japanese Ground Force visited a station in Manchuria every Friday for a regular medical check-up and the station housed 150 women, including 130 Koreans, and all of them were suffering from venereal disease.

 The documents go to prove that the Imperial Japanese Army was directly and systematically involved in the sexual slavery, considering the abducted women to be munitions.

 As seen above, the sexual slavery by the Japanese imperialists was an extra-large inhumane crime committed with the Japanese government and military involved.

 So, the 1993 Kono's statement, prompted by the sense of guilt, admitted the crime. The United States, the master of Japan, too, imposed a ban on entry into the U.S. territory against 16 Japanese war criminals related to the sexual slavery in December 1996, and the ban has taken effective still now.

 However, the right-wing forces of Japan still deny the existence of the sexual slavery system.
 In particular, the present Japanese government has called for re-examination or verification of Kono's statement, arguing that "comfort women issue is faked-up one" and "government's direct involvement should not be admitted".

 The argument is tantamount to intolerable challenge to and mockery of the international community pressing Japan to make apology and reparation for the crime.

 The Japanese reactionaries' denial of the sexual slavery reveals their attempt to flee from responsibilities for the crimes and represents their revanchist ambition for re-invasion.

 If Japan, seized with wild dream, persists in its move to justify the past crimes despite of the warning of the international community, the consequences would be really miserable.

 The persistence will only bring bigger shame to Japan than what it suffered at a UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva. -0-
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