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2018년 12월 10일
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S Korean gov't Offers High Ranking Offcers on Aug.13

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작성자 편집실 작성일18-08-10 16:18 조회190회 댓글0건


Mr. Soobok Kim in New York sent an email saying read two articles this morning about Korean issues. One from North Korean media and another from South Korean media. I like to share them with you.-Editor's Note.


#1 from NK media.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said today the United States is strengthening sanctions in response to our bold actions such as suspending nuclear tests and missile tests looking to build trust and break down the thick barrier of distrust.

The United States has blocked the cooperation of International Olympic Committee and forcing them not to send a delegation to the 70th anniversary 9.9 celebration of the DPRK.

United States expects chicken hatched out of boiled egg.

#2 from South Korea

South Korea accepted North Korean offer to have a meeting on August 13 at Panmunjeom to talk about possible 3rd South and North Korean summit meeting hopefully by the end of August or early September. 3rd Summit meeting may be a break thru of current stagnant peace processing between US and North Korea. 

Two Korean leaders agreed on April 27 Summit meeting to end Korean War in this year and President Trump promised later to honor the agreement at Singapore as well. 


My explanation further on above articles.

Last week IOC tried to send ice hockey equipment to North Korea for team training purpose. IOC realized that is against UN sanction. IOC brought the matter to UN.

North Korea established on September 9, 1948. They celebrate the day at large scale especially every 5 year such as 60, 65, 70. This year will be 70th and expected to be a large one. They call 9.9 celebration. 

We Korean Americans expected with big swollen heart like a large white cloud floating in blue summer sky hopefully to see sign an agreement to end Korean war officially on July 27th which was 65th armistice anniversary. It has gone quietly and disappointingly and instead, John Bolton speaking up contradictory. 

We Koreans are looking for Moses in Sinai desert.  

Hope my article translation and explanation help you understand Korean peace processing at this moment.

Have a wonderful day cool. Thank you

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