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2018년 7월 23일
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Korean-American 6.15 Regional Committee Statement

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Korean-American 6.15 Regional Committee announced its statement on occasion of President Moon Jae-in's participating in U.N. General Assembly. The text of the statement is as the following:






<I hope the Moon Jae candle Government>

- UN General Assembly who wish to attend the June 15 Joint Declaration on the Moon Jae-actionposition of the United States Government Committee -


"Candle civil revolution", our overseas compatriots in front of the name feel a joint responsibility to fulfill the candle spiritof anti-democratic jeokpye liquidation 'and' division jeokpye liquidation 'with pride heard all the way candles are one of the domestic candle citizens. Moon Jae-government established by candlelight candles were also declared that mental fulfill the goals of the new government. Therefore, Moon Jae-government shall surely succeed.


But when viewed through the eyes of overseas Koreans who desire a unified, Moon Jae Although the government has started the implementation of "anti-democratic jeokpye liquidation ', it does not go even one step, the' division jeokpyeliquidation.   Enemies basket case Sadd placed in the jeokpye Park Geunhye regime, one day of military information security agreement, US-ROK joint military exercise, peace agreements, inter-Korean agreement compliance, NIS is kidnapped by jeokpye forces on North International Restaurant 12 people employees and Pyongyang citizens gimryeonhui Mr. North which, including repatriation, release prisoners of conscience, abolish the national Security Law is not a single step forward. We aspire to full-scale implementation of innovative conversion of inter-Korean relations by Moon Jae-government, 6.15 and 10.4. Well, I'm leaning while in the United States followed the banminjok ever, ever bantongil hostile attitude toward North Korea was not unlike with the former government and their failed foreign and security policy toward North Korea and the deep disappointment and concern.


Moreover, in the conflict between North America being the "nuclear", even considering the various factors at home and abroad facing the Moon Jae-government, look beyond the degree it is not easy to understand. "North Korea" This was also recognized Kim Daejung, President Roh Muhyeon that the product of the US hostile policy toward North Korea,Moon Jae-the president himself knows.   One as accommodating toward North Korea policy of the government Trump  "Parallel conversation and pressure, is unrealistic contradictory policy based real image is a North hostility. Over the past30 years, economic sanctions from the US and South Korean military pressure and current level of international cooperation was demonstrated there is no effectiveness.


Solutions of North America liver, acute conflict between the two Koreas to our overseas compatriots think that it is apparent desire for unification.   Korea-US joint military exercises with the North Korean missile tests simultaneouslystopped, the nuclear non-proliferation or normalize relations with North America and the frozen peace agreement signed in parallel propulsion. Do not when the alliance In inter-Korean relations should be an absolute priority to the importance of national coordination to our peoples.


6.15 combines the basic spirit, strength URIMINZOKKIRI as the Korean owner of the declaration moving independently toward unification, the road presented a 10.4 Declaration when going made the North-South relations development and peace, prosperity, Moon Jae-government implementation of the candle spirit the government will be successful.


Korean-American 6.15 Regional Committee

(6.15 in the New York Area Committee and the Regional Committee in Washington 6.15, 6.15 Central Committee,the western region committee 6.15)
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