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2018년 7월 23일
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N Korea UN Rep In NY Sends Letter to UN Secretary General

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[Photo]Mr.Ja Sung-nam, N Korea UN REP in New York

DPRK Permanent Representative at UN Sends Letter to UN Secretary General

 Pyongyang, March 23 (KCNA) -- The permanent representative of the DPRK at the United Nations sent a letter to the UN secretary general on Wednesday as regards the fact that the situation on the Korean peninsula has reached the brink of war due to the largest-ever joint military drills being staged by the U.S. and the south Korean regime.

 Detailing the scale and purpose of the dangerous war rehearsal being staged by the U.S. in league with the south Korean warlike forces, the letter referred to the fact that the DPRK on March 6 urged the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of the U.S.-south Korea joint military drills as an agenda item but has not yet received a response.

 The letter went on:

 The UNSC, while taking issue with the normal military exercises being held by our military in our own land, is persistently turning away from our call for an emergency meeting regarding the said aggressive joint military exercises. This is an extreme end of unfairness and double standards and a shabby prejudice.

 The measures being undertaken to strengthen the national military power in our land, waters and air space are the regular self-defensive ones to safeguard the sovereignty of our country from the continuous nuclear threats and blackmails coming from the United States.

 We and the neighboring countries as well are deeply concerned about the aggressive nature and danger of the U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises.

 It is the unanimous conclusion of the fair international society that the on-going largest-ever nuclear war exercises is the root cause of pressing the DPRK to the toughest counteraction.  

 I request you to bring to the attention of the UN Security Council in line with Article 99 of the UN Charter regarding the on-going highly dangerous U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises which are an obvious threat to international peace and security.  

 I believe that this is in conformity with not only the requirement of the UN Charter but also the mission of the UN Secretariat which has impartiality and independence as its lifeline.

 I look forward to you, who took the oath to be committed to the UN Charter, to positively consider and respond to our sincere appeals. -0- 
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